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WordNetCE-SP 2.01 for Smartphone 2003


This project is a natural progression of the original WordNetCE software I created for the Pocket PC platform.  There have been quite a few requests since that release to introduce a Smartphone version of the same software.  Although most of the same logic and code stands there were design challenges in implementing on the smaller screen.  I think I have succeeded in keeping a simple interface, however I'm always open to suggestions.  The goal of this project is to make a high quality, free dictionary/thesaurus for the Smartphone platform.  To date there is nothing out there that's both free and high quality.

Here's the official description of the WordNet database:

"WordNet® is an online lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Different relations link the synonym sets."

WordNetCE-SP Features

The features that set WordNetCE-SP apart, even from many commercial dictionary/thesaurus's are:

  • It's FREE!  Price is always a factor when making a product choice ;).
  • It works.  The frustrating thing about some software is that you have a certain expectation level, but within the first few hours of use you find it falls short, and you feel that you've wasted time and effort on something that will never do the job.  Well you won't be disappointed with WordNetCE-SP; with an ever-growing list of advanced features, your experience with this software is going to start off great and just get better.
  • It's easy to use.  Having a lot of features is always nice, but sometimes a software interface can be overwhelming.  WordNetCE-SP uses the same basic design as the original WordNet 2.0 which I always enjoyed using for its simplicity.  More advanced features are behind the scenes, and not accessing them does not lessen your experience with WordNetCE-SP.  Don't ignore the 'Advanced Search' section though because that's where some real power searching can be found.
  • Powerful search features.  Advanced search features equal or surpass most available electronic dictionary/thesaurus's.  WordNetCE-SP has search capabilities for: wildcard, regular expression, anagram, scrabble®, sounds like.  With that arsenal you can search words in an almost infinite number of ways.  You can even use the anagram feature to create your own puzzles, by taking a word and finding all anagrams of it.  WordNetCE-SP also contains all of the relations searching you will find in WordNet, in the same convenient way.  Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb buttons along the top of a screen let you take an overview search further by branching into synonyms, meronyms, and a lot of other relation matching searches.
  • British/US spelling.  You can search with either spelling and it will give you both.  This is a feature most available electronic dictionaries are missing.
  • Large, modern word list.  WordNet is quite a massive project that is still evolving with more words and more relations.  At present there are 144,309 unique words in WordNet.  A great many modern terms can be found too.  One way to judge a dictionary is to challenge it with words such as 'spam' and see if you get reference to email.
  • Formatted, colour-coded results.  Search results are easy to read with the colour-coding.  Synonyms, the definition and quoted sample sentences are each colour-coded to allow quick reference to whichever search results component you are looking for.

Screenshot of WordNetCE-SP

WordNetCE-SP Screenshot

How You Can Assist

I will not charge for WordNetCE-SP, however I will gladly accept donations to try and keep this website alive.  Internet hosting costs money, and donations will help me to purchase equipment and software so that more quality freeware can be delivered from ebswift.com.  Thankyou in advance, your donation will be appreciated and put to good use for your future benefit.  I am an Australian developer working full-time, and maintaining this site in my spare time.  I write the software, documentation, web pages and maintain the site myself.
Any size donation will help me cover the costs of this site and justify its existence.  The costs of running this site and software development are entirely supported by the voluntary support of visitors.  Please donate if you like my software and want to help my development efforts :).


Firstly, you need WordNet 2.0.  The WordNet 2.0 dictionary in a default install on a PC is in c:\Program Files\WordNet\2.0\dict.  The dictionary needs to be copied to the storage card in the form of (eg) \Storage Card\WN20\dict\.

Once you have installed the official dictionary, download my Smartphone port of WordNet and run the installer while connected via ActiveSync.  When you first run the program and attempt to perform your first search, you will be prompted to locate the dictionary folder.  This is the folder on your device where you copied the WordNet dictionary files (including files like "noun.dat").  Make sure you select the folder containing the dictionary files, not a folder higher up.




License and Download page for WordNetCE-SP.

Please report any bugs/suggestions using the email link at the bottom of this page.

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Let me know if you spot WordNetCE-SP in a magazine, or getting a write-up on a website, thanks :)


Thankyou and acknowledgement for intellectual resources goes to:

  • Malcolm Crowe for the original .Net port
  • OpenNetCF
  • Adam Nelson for the Metaphone.Net class